At my office e-sigaretter are really cheap!

In our world there exists by all means a focus on being in all ways healthy… Everyone is obsessed with discussing it, & no matter where you go you are met with a lot of advices detailing how to live a fit and healthy life… & at the core this involves røykeslutt []! I have been a dedicated smoker in many years, but now everyone is like saying: you must extremely think about røykeslutt…..I am not 100 % sure if I wish to quit my bad habit!! The only thing that could convince me to initiate my røykeslutt is that there is a new perfect product to buy…. The all new e-sigaretter [] seem like they are worth a try… E-sigaretter are a much more healthier choice than the normal kinds of cigarettes due to the fact that they are stuffed with the so-called harmless e væske []! Furthermore e væske is not addictive to the individual the same way nicotine is. So in reality e-sigaretter are a much more smart way to go if one needs to carry on smoking!!

In quite some years now I have considered trying to quit! I have never seriously been completely involved in røykeslutt – even though I know there are hundreds of reasons to stop smoking cigarettes… Reasons I must admit are really convincing! I want to live to see fifty & experience our lovely kids grow up – and if I seriously mean this from the bottom of my heart I really need to choose røykeslutt. With the e-sigaretter now being sold on the internet I find myself considering a røykeslutt more than ever before previously! To be straight now that I once more consider it, I mean seriously think about it + my future life, I actually think I am ready to go down this road! Wow, I am ready to fight this! I will head out the door right now & go spend $$ on my first pack of e-sigaretter & stuff the cigarettes with e væske… Whoop have a look at me – all clever and stuff! My mother would be extremely proud!